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For over 15 years, clients have trusted and believed in us to handle their most precious assets, such as financial plans, product pipelines, communication strategies, roads to market, human resource plans, market analysis and so on with full confidentiality.

To ensure our clients the highest level of data safety and confidentiality, we are proud to partner with SKRED, for true peer-to-peer encrypted communications.

Skred is the first secure messenger in full peer-to-peer, i.e. directly from smartphone to smartphone, without any transit server.

Skred originated from the Skyrock group, one of the first digital communication groups in France.


For its technology, Skred has taken over the company Twinlife, a start-up with close ties to INRIA, the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology.


The security of the application, as well as the server and network infrastructure, is continuously being monitored by Quarkslab, a global specialist in cybersecurity.

Why we are using SKRED



In the vast majority of cases, secrecy is not there to hide something bad, but to protect from harm that could be done to you by using, compromising, or disclosing your data, and even altering your data without your knowledge or even installing false data on your devices. This is possible when the data passes through an intermediate server.



You need to respect your colleagues, customers, and citizens and protect the communications that you have with them. Using one of the most popular messaging apps could put them potentially in danger.



The SKRED service is managed in parallel with the corporate IT systems, which guarantees that communications are maintained in the event of a cyber attack. Many times, we need to communicate the most when services are inaccessible.



A company, administration, organization, or country that does not guarantee the secrecy of correspondence abandons a fundamental right. And this is becoming less and less acceptable and accepted.

More about SKRED

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